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  •  Low ping (FFM location)

  •  OneClick Installation

  •  High server performance

  •  Full FTP and console access

  •  MySQL database included

  •  Easy management via web panel

  •  DDoS Protected

  •  Live chat support

  •  PrePaid (No contract terms)

Managed Gameserver
What are Windows Managed Gameservers?

If you are looking for a high performance Windows game server and just want to start gambling without much server admin knowledge, this is the place for you.

With managed game servers we take care of the administration and setup of your service and among other things pre-install your desired game software. Of course, you still get administrator access, so you keep control over your data.

Where are the servers located?
Our servers are located in the center of the internet, in a data center in Frankfurt am Main. Frankfurt is probably the best location to host a game server, as the digital infrastructure in Frankfurt is very advanced and allows to guarantee high availability with minimal ping.
What is PrePaid?
PrePaid means that you don't have any annoying contract terms and can cancel at any time by not paying your bills. There are no reminder fees or other costs. You stop paying and the server expires.
What does OneClick installation mean?
The server will be set up immediately after payment is received and you can dive into the exciting world of The Forest right away.
What DDoS protection do the servers have?
Our servers are protected from (D)DoS attacks up to the high GBit range with permanently optimized filter adjustments from Combahton. Rely on us for the protection of your project and focus on playing together with your friends.
Are upgrades possible?
Of course you can upgrade or downgrade your server at any time via ticket or function in your product details. So you don't have to order a fresh server to painstakingly copy all files by hand afterwards.
What is the DeinServerHost relocation service?
With a short support ticket you can request a server move from a competitor to us. Of course we need the access data of your old provider to migrate all files safely to us.
Buy Managed Gameserver Windows forever?
Unfortunately, we can't offer that. Gameserver technologies are constantly evolving and must be permanently in harmony with the latest hardware. We take over this part for you and let your server run on modern hardware with adapted system kernels.

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