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Minecraft Bedrock Server

Order Now already from 3.75€ per month.
  •  Low ping (location FFM)

  •  Unlimited Slots

  •  Full FTP and console access

  •  MySQL database included

  •  Simple administration via web panel

  •  DDoS Protected

  •  Livechatsupport

  •  PrePaid (No contract terms)

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Welcome in the world of Minecraft

Welcome in the World of Minecraft Bedrock, it's like the normal Minecraft you know, just with cross plattform support. You can enjoy playing with your friends over Consoles like Nintendo Switch, as well as the Windows 10 Minecraft Edition you can obtain in the Microsoft store.
Your server will be deployed within seconds after successful payment and you can start playing right away, or configure your desired settings in our feature rich control panel.
You can up- or downgrade your server anytime as you need inside your product configuration page, without the need of contacting us.
All our Products are fully PrePaid, if you don't like it anymore, just don't pay or cancel the server in your products overview, no further payment will be needed.

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What awaits you

If the high performance processors like AMD Ryzen or Intel Core i7 are not convincing you, here are multiple possibilities how you can manage your minecraft game server

Server Console

Server Console


File browser


Other users


Scheduled tasks


MySQL Database

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