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Start with your own Minecraft Server for you and your friends, your Server is deployed only seconds after successful payment.
You can choose between different minecraft versions or modpacks and install them with just a few clicks in our control - panel.

If your desired modpack is not available, you're free to contact us anytime to add it to our mod-manager or upload it via S-FTP to your minecraft server.

Our Minecraft Servers are completely PrePaid, if you don't want your server anymore simply don't pay or cancel it in your clientarea.

We offer high quality minecraft servers since 7 years, when do you start yours?

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Optimized Gamekernel
Mod-Manager with One-Click Installation
99.9% Lagfree
MySQL Database included
DDoS Protection

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We only use high performance Hardware like AMD Ryzen or Intel Core i7 for our Minecraft Server Nodes to offer you the best performance for the buck.

We offer you a wide range of Modpacks and Minecraft Server Versions in our Mod-Manager. If your modpack is not available, just contact us, or upload it manually via the WebFTP or S-FTP Browser.

You want to transfer from another Provider to us? No Problem! We'll gladly help you with it.

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