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Secure your domain with a premium SSL certificate

GoGetSSL Domain

GoGetSSL Domain SSL


Single Domain

8,00€ per year
GoGetSSL Wildcard

GoGetSSL Wildcard SSL



75,00€ per year

RapidSSL Standard


Single Domain

12,50€ per year

No more error messages!

With an SSL certificate from DeinServerHost, all browser error messages about your website being insecure will finally disappear.
Secure your website traffic with a prepaid certificate today!

Fast, cheap, prepaid!

Like all our services, SSL certificates are prepaid. So if you don't renew the certificate after one year, it will simply become invalid and you don't have to pay any further costs, such as reminder fees or the like.
The automatic initial setup after payment is received means you can get started with the configuration right away.

What is SSL?
SSL is an encryption protocol for secure data transfer. You can access websites with an SSL certificate via https:// instead of http://.
How does the configuration work?
After payment of your order the SSL certificate configuration will be activated in the customer area. You will be contacted again by e-mail. Please enter all data correctly during the configuration.
The configuration does not work?
No problem, we are happy to help you. Just create a short support ticket and tell us the domain you want us to configure the certificate to. We will get back to you as soon as everything is ready.
How do I install the certificate on my server?
After the configuration you will receive all necessary files as download, so you can include them in your web server configuration. If you have problems with the installation, we are there for you as usual via the support!

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