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Since 2013 we offer you fast and reliable services like Gameservers, VPS, Dedicated Servers as well as Domains for a fair price.

Penguin For our bargain hunters: The new vServer FLEX is available from now on!
Already from 1.00€ monthly.

Your security is important to us. Since years of knowledge we your servers are secured from known DDoS threats.

ddos bruteforce safety

With our services you're in full charge of your expenses, you can always modify your servers specifications to save cost or add more performance.

ram flexibility cpu

We always update our Hardware to be on pace with new requirements in regular time - frames.

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DeinServerHost Pinguin - Rent YOUR Server

Your project needs a reliable and future proof Partner. DeinServerHost offers you this with fast Support and great performance Hardware. We have more than 6 years of expertise and are still rolling!

  • Easy Management
  • Powerful Hardware
  • Friendly Staff

Partner Program

No matter what itches you, we help young talents and projects to make their dreams come true. Inquire today for a partnership with us.

Our strong Team

Our team consists of hardworking people, we help you daily with your needs and improve our services steadily.

Queeny Jane Cabizares Support
Christian Ralph Hennig Inhaber
Thomas Brinkmann Development
Andreas Wirtz Community-Support
Bianca März Public Relations
Jens Simbrey Community-Support

Customer Support - Fast as a Ninja

If you still have questions about our services or you need an individual offer don't hesitate to ask us. We aim to offer individual configurations for your projects need.

Your happyness is important!

Write to us, we're happy to discuss things with you personally.

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