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from 3,75€/Month

Our character starts in a world consisting exclusively of different blocks.

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Minecraft - BungeeCord

from 4,95€/Month

Connect your Minecraft servers to a large network!

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ARK: Survival Evolved

from 15,00€/Month

Players start in a tropical game world with no equipment, and the goal is to survive and develop their own skills.

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Citadel Forged with Fire

from 20,00€/Month

With the spells you learned, you have to fight against beasts or other players.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

from 4,80€/Month

Competition is the most important mode of the game. Professional matches are played almost exclusively in this mode.

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Counter Strike: Source

from 10,00€/Month

On so-called defuse maps, a bomb must be placed or defused in a given location.

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Conan Exiles

from 15,00€/Month

If you want to survive in the wild world of Conan Exiles, you need a thick coat.

Garry's Mod

from 4,80€/Month

Garry's Mod (also known and usually abbreviated as GMod) is a sandbox physics computer game

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from 10,00€/Month

Hurtworld is a hardcore survival game and not for the faint hearted.

Reign of Kings

from 10,00€/Month

Fights for survival in a medieval world. Hunt, dig, build and manufacture weapons and armor to protect yourself.

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from 10,00€/Month

The player is thrown into an unknown world completely on his own, and must learn to make the best use of his environment.

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from 3,50€/Month

With Terraria, the player is free to move freely in the mostly randomly generated game world.

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